Saturday, February 7, 2009

From the Beginning

As you look at these sad little pictures of our sad little house, remember that everybody has to start somewhere. We're just behind the decorating 8-ball, more so than many. That's why I'm always looking at all those fabulous blogsites---the ideas are endless!

This is where we are starting from. Bits and pieces of construction are evident from the first plan which changed dramatically six months ago. We're just a little slow in the planning and deconstructing.:

Standing just inside the front door into what WAS going to be the extension of our kitchen. This was a wasted space.

Looking backward toward the front door to our present living room.

Looking into our "delightful" galley kitchen. Two people cannot be in here at the same time without being in the way. It is impossible to have two people in this room and have the fridge door open. GaH!

Looking into the dining room while standing in the living room. The fireplace is going bye-bye. It sucks the heat out of the house and makes the floor cold. Love a fireplace, but this one is not 2009 efficient. This is where the kitchen will be.

Looking into the kitchen and living room while standing in the dining room. That wall will disappear. All of this space will be opened up to create an L-shaped open concept Great Room of kitchen, dining area, and living room.

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