Monday, March 2, 2009

Boys In My Basement!! Yay!

Ben and Adam strut their stuff.

This is Nick. This is Nick after taking a sip of soda and trying to cough at the same time. Pretty things exited his nasal cavity and dripped onto his plate. Nice catch, Nick.

Adam struts his stuff. Again.
Justin, Ben, Adam, Kyle.

Someone strutting his stuff. Any guesses who?

Nick works while the rest flex.

Justin, Ben, Adam and Kyle. Kyle came for the

Tonight, I had boys in my basement. That makes me so excited. I haven't had a bunch of boys in my basement for a while. Once my son graduated from high school and he and his buds were off to college, boys in the basement were scarce to find. I love having boys in the basement. I miss the antics, the rough-housing, the noises that exude from both ends of their bodies, the jokes. I've always said, "Give me a house full of boys any day. Two girls in the same house create drama!" (Sorry, girls, but it's true).

So what's that got to do with a renovation? Well, before they were in the basement, they were ripping out sheet rock. God bless their ever-lovin' body-building hearts.

Every morning, Jim gets up at the crack of dawn to meet these guys in the weight room at our local high school. Take one old man and a bunch of boys and bedlam and muscle-flexing is sure to ensue. I have to send HUGE kudos out to these guys. They moved our project down the road tonight. I am sooooo grateful.

Adam flexes muscle and tries to light a fire.

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