Friday, April 22, 2011

Coming Soon

Gosh, one of these days, life will slow down and I will catch up posting pictures of the renovation and our new siding and our new metal roof.  Looks awesome!  One of these days, Harry, one of these days.

In my last post (long ago---in October), I talked about my girl who one day dreams of marrying the man of her dreams.  She found him and the wedding is in July.  Just another piece of craziness added to the mix of working full time and teaching two graduate level classes at IUSB.

I've bought a new sofa and a new chair and ottoman.  The chair will be here in a few weeks.  Yay!  Spent way more for these pieces of furniture than I ever would have thought I would.  But, the money was an unexpected gift received through sad means and I will always remember my dad and my little mum when I cozy up on them.

Soon, soon, soon, but um, don't hold your breath too long.  :)

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